Move To Germany With Ease

Meet Jennifer and Lutho

For the Founders, Lutho and Jennifer, Relocation and Integration is a personal experience and a challenge we have had to overcome constantly. Lutho coming from South Africa and Jennifer, a native German have faced all the visa procedures and Immigration processes involved in relocating. We went ahead to build our careers as Recruitment professionals in Frankfurt, combining our corporate experiences and personal relocation knowledge, we founded MovetoGermanywithEase.

We realized that companies need help with the visa, relocation process and retention of diverse international talent. However, there is a lack of integration programs to retain skilled workers and ensure employees have a sense of belonging in Germany. Without proper integration into the work culture, a good social framework and an understanding of German bureaucracy, top foreign talents leave Germany!

Your foreign employees need guidance, support and a community of like-minded people to truly integrate and feel at home in Germany. We have built a supportive Community to help your employees integrate faster.

Why should a German-based company add our Integration community when hiring global talent?

Our Community focus on the 3 most valuable aspects of relocation: Learning, Implementation & Outcome. 


Our community speeds up the integration of international skilled workers, offering your new hires valuable resources such as webinars, live events, and educational courses for them to learn about German work culture and ensuring a smooth onboarding process.


People are tired of watching videos on their own and reading PDF files, but failing to implement.Our community powered courses engage people to take actions, apply, have a visible outcome while interacting with each other, getting help, support from others and attending group coachings calls for added value.


Our promise to you is a clear outcome of your new hire/s who is integrated in German society. Employee wellbeing and A sense of belonging ensure you retain a productive team-player.

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