Moving to Germany A step-by-step guide

So, you’re considering a move to Germany? Transitioning your life to a new country can be both exciting and challenging, especially when dealing with the bureaucratic processes in Germany. However, with some careful planning and patience, you’ll find yourself settling into your new life in Germany. Why Choose Germany? Germany offers a multitude of benefits […]

How to Register a Car in Germany in 2023

Introduction: When purchasing a car in Germany, it is essential to follow the proper procedures, including obtaining insurance, registering the vehicle, and paying car taxes. Navigating the bureaucracy may seem daunting, but we’ll guide you through the steps to register a car in Germany, so you can soon be driving on the famed Autobahn. Please […]

How to Use the Anabin Database for Your German Visa Application

Are you in the process of applying for an EU Blue Card or a German work visa and need to prove the recognition of your foreign university degree? Look no further! In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of using the Anabin database to obtain the necessary proof of recognition for […]

The Declaration of Commitment for a Visitor’s Visa to Germany A Comprehensive Guide

Are you planning to invite a family member or friend to visit you in Germany? If so, you may need to provide a Declaration of Commitment (Verpflichtungserklärung) to support their visa application. This important document serves as a financial guarantee to ensure that your guest will not become a burden on the German social welfare […]

Offenbachs Kapitän Kote „Rugby hat mir durchs Leben geholfen“

Offenbach – Lutho Kote is often referred to as a human wrecking ball in the world of rugby. However, when the burly forward for the first-division club Offenbacher SC Rosenhöhe talks about what happened during the winter break of the past season, his voice becomes shaky. “That really broke me as a person back then […]

How long can you leave Germany for without losing permanent residency?

Individuals with permanent residency cards in Germany have various rules and exceptions regarding the duration they can spend abroad without jeopardizing their status: Please note that individuals falling under these exemptions may need to complete specific paperwork when re-entering Germany to avoid any issues at the border control.

Memorise grammar: How foreigners in Germany passed the B1 language test for citizenship

The federal traffic light coalition’s plan to allow dual citizenship has spurred long-term residents to consider the B1 language test, a consistent requirement for standard-track German citizenship. The B1 test is described by those who’ve taken it as manageable with some preparation. With Germany’s impending citizenship law changes, the B1 German language test remains a […]

Where in Germany citizenship applications are processed the quickest (and slowest)

While Germany is in the process of reforming its citizenship law, aimed at introducing dual citizenship and reducing residency requirements, prospective applicants may still face substantial delays in obtaining their German passports due to backlogs in naturalization offices across the country. A recent study by MEDIENDIENST INTEGRATION reveals that there are currently approximately 115,000 pending […]

Who qualifies for German citizenship under the new draft law?

Germany’s traffic light coalition recently unveiled the latest draft of its forthcoming citizenship law, shedding light on who will be eligible to apply under these new provisions. However, those eagerly anticipating the opportunity to apply for German citizenship may need to exercise some patience, as the law’s passage has encountered delays during extensive Cabinet discussions. […]

German passport ranked joint second ‘most powerful’ in the world

Germany, Italy, and Spain have secured joint second place in the “Henley Passport Index 2023,” enabling their citizens to explore 190 countries and territories without the need for a visa. Singapore, however, has taken the top spot with access to 192 destinations, according to the annual ranking conducted by London law firm Henley & Partners. […]

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