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The Expat Integration Community is a diverse community dedicated to fast-tracking your integration to Germany ensuring you not only live but succeed with like-minded people supporting you. This exclusive community is a strategic asset for Companies to support their global talent by ensuring they are well integrated in Germany.  

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Why should a German-based company add our Integration community when hiring global talent?

“Our community expedites the integration of international skilled workers, offering your new hires valuable resources such as educational courses on Life in Germany, Live-events and Webinars covering topics in Insurances,Tax, Finance and many more. Your company is in the hands of the people you hire.  Invest in them to be well integrated key team members for your business.”

Benefits of supporting your employees with our Integration Community?

Value for your hiring process and onboarding of international talent:

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Extraordinary Community

Your foreign employees need guidance, support and a community of like-minded people to truly integrate and feel at home in Germany. We have built a supportive Community to help your employees integrate faster.


We have created self-paced learning courses to orientate your employees to life in Germany. These courses cover topics on Financial planning, Parental support and German culture orientation many more

Education, Events & Directory

Benefit from 100+ carefully crafted educational and connection-focused events each year. Your employees can attend (and lead!) expert workshops and share their expertise on topics that interest them.

Invest in your employees

We accept a limited number of new members once a quarter. By submitting your application, your information will be reviewed at the next Membership Committee meeting.

The deadline for the current quarter is Thursday February 1st 2024.




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Save €50

Frequently asked Questions

MovetoGermanywithEase is a specialized service founded by Lutho and Jennifer, who, having experienced the challenges of relocation firsthand, identified a gap in comprehensive support for international talent in Germany. Our unique approach combines recruitment, relocation, and a dedicated Integration Community to ensure a holistic solution for companies seeking to attract and retain global talent in Germany.

Our team collaborates with your organization to understand your needs and goals. We offer services such as job advertising campaigns, candidate identification and interviews, due diligence checks, and travel services. We provide a clear roadmap covering the hiring, pre-relocation, and settling-in processes to set clear expectations for both the employer and the candidate.

  • We provide dedicated support for the visa and immigration process, arrange appointments with the foreigner's office, assist with blocked accounts and health insurance, and offer temporary and permanent home search services. Additionally, we provide services for child settling-in and orientation courses for living in Germany.

Our Integration Community accelerates the integration of international skilled workers by offering valuable resources such as webinars, live events, and educational courses. This fosters a sense of belonging, facilitates adjustment to the new environment, and transforms employees into confident contributors from day one. The community is a strategic asset for companies looking to optimize their global talent acquisition and retention processes in Germany.

Key benefits include streamlined onboarding, improved employee well-being, and a networked workforce promoting collaboration and a sense of belonging. Our commitment is to offer efficient talent integration, comprehensive support, and enhanced employee engagement.

The outcome is that your new employees go from facing integration challenges to becoming valuable contributors, while your HR team benefit from well-informed foreign employees, making recruitment and management decisions more strategic.

Our commitment revolves around efficient talent integration, comprehensive employee support, and enhanced engagement. We aim to be a strategic asset for companies optimizing their global talent acquisition and retention processes in Germany.

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