How to Use the Anabin Database for Your German Visa Application

Are you in the process of applying for an EU Blue Card or a German work visa and need to prove the recognition of your foreign university degree? Look no further! In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of using the Anabin database to obtain the necessary proof of recognition for your academic qualifications.

Step 1: Accessing the Anabin Database

Go to the Anabin website using this link.

Don’t be discouraged by the website’s German language and complex interface. We’re here to help!

On the left side of the page, you’ll see two options to start your search: “Institutionen” (institutions) and “Hochschulabschlüsse” (university degrees).

Step 2: Searching for Your University on Anabin

Start by searching for your university. Click on “Institutionen” and change the tab from “Info” to “Suchen.”

A screen will appear where you can select the country where you studied. Click “Länderauswahl öffnen,” choose your country, and confirm your selection.

The search results will appear below. You can further refine your search by adding filters like the city, type of university, or specific search terms.

Once you locate your university, click on the small purple plus icon next to its name. This opens a pop-up window with detailed information.

Focus on the “Status” section, which indicates the recognition status of your university.

H+ Status: If your university has an H+ status, it’s recognized in Germany.

H- Status: An H- status means your degree is not recognized. Check our FAQs for guidance.

H+/- Status: Many universities have this status, indicating a case-by-case evaluation.

To save the university status, click on the printer icon at the top right of the pop-up window.

Step 3: Looking Up Your University Degree on Anabin

Don’t skip this step! You’ll need both university and degree recognition for your visa application.

Go back to the left side of the screen and click on “Hochschulabschlüsse” (university degrees).

Change from the Info tab to the Search tab.

You can search by the name of your degree or by the type of degree.

Set filters for country, degree type, and field of study. If your initial search doesn’t yield results, try different search terms and filters.

Ensure the degree title on Anabin matches the one you obtained.

Click the small purple plus icon next to your degree title for detailed information.

Look for the “Äquivalenzklasse” (equivalence class) under the “Bewertung” section.

Gleichwertig: Equivalent to a German degree with no formal differences.

Entspricht: Equivalent to a German degree with no significant differences.

Bedingt vergleichbar: Conditionally comparable, with formal differences requiring a Statement of Comparability.

Choose the appropriate classification for your needs and click the print icon to save or print the document.

Step 4: Using Anabin Print-Outs for Your Visa Application

If both your university and degree are recognized, combine the two print-outs.

Attach them to your visa application and bring them to your visa appointment.

With this guide, you’ll navigate the Anabin database and obtain the proof of recognition you need for a smooth visa application process in Germany. Good luck with your relocation journey! If you have further questions, simply book an initial relocation assessment call with us!


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