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Is it hard to learn German as an English Speaker?

Language Barrier: One of the main challenges for expats in Germany is the language barrier. Many daily interactions, administrative processes, and professional opportunities require proficiency in German. Solution: Learning German language for beginners before or upon arrival can greatly enhance integration. Taking a German language class at the A1 level in your own country before arriving in Germany can be highly beneficial. It allows you to familiarize yourself with the basics of the language and build a foundation that will make your transition to Germany smoother.

Our network has had great experiences with the following German language teachers:

Learning German through stories:

What is German Uncovered?

German Uncovered is a comprehensive online course designed for beginner German learners (levels A0, A1, or A2 in the CEFR system).

The course is based around a 20-chapter story in simple German, and includes everything learners need to go from the complete beginner level (A0) to the intermediate level (B1) in German.

German Uncovered includes dozens of video lessons and exercises to help learners improve every aspect of their German, including:

vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation

listening, speaking, reading, and writing

 What is the “Value Proposition” of German Uncovered?

Learn to speak German naturally through the power of story and live your best life!

What level is German Uncovered for?

German Uncovered is for complete beginners (A0) and false beginners (A1 or A2) who have already learned some German but haven’t yet reached conversational fluency. The course covers levels A0 to A2 in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) for learning German language for beginners.

Work with your preferred Tutor to Accelarate your learning: Check out

Free German Language Learning Courses:

There are also several popular YouTubers who create content specifically for learning the German language. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Easy German: Easy German is a YouTube channel that features street interviews and conversations with native German speakers. The videos have subtitles in both German and English, making it easier to follow along and improve your listening comprehension. Easy German – YouTube
  • Learn German with Jenny: Jenny is a certified German teacher who provides comprehensive lessons on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Her videos are well-structured and cater to different proficiency levels.
  • Deutsch für Euch: A YouTube channel that focuses on teaching German to non-native speakers. The host explains grammar concepts, idiomatic expressions, and cultural aspects in a clear and engaging manner.
  • Get Germanized: Get Germanized is a YouTube channel hosted by a native German speaker who shares lessons on language learning, cultural insights, and travel tips. The channel offers a mix of informative and entertaining content to help learning German language for beginners.
  • Remember to explore these channels and find the one that resonates with your learning style and preferences. Additionally, subscribing to multiple channels can offer a well-rounded learning experience.


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