Bantu Mtshiselwa

By Move To Germany With Ease

Today on the 2nd episode of the Tell Your Story, Inspire Others Series, I’m joined by Community Development Practitioner …Bantu Mtshiselwa. The Broadcaster, Music Artist and Founder of Abantu Development Agency spoke to us about the community upliftment work he is coordinating in his home province of Eastern Cape in South Africa. He also explains to us how he struggled to get accepted into post graduate studies in Germany and how he never gave up. Bantu shared some of the shortcomings of the German integration process, as he finds it to be a one-sided activity in which the locals do not put enough effort to meet others half-way. And lastly, he shared his experience on organising cultural festivals with aims to raise awareness against racism and how he is attempting to build a bridge for African musicians to showcase their art in Germany.  PS: This Episode has been repurposed from the We Muve Xperience Podcast published on 14/02/2023.


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