The Declaration of Commitment for a Visitor’s Visa to Germany A Comprehensive Guide

Are you planning to invite a family member or friend to visit you in Germany? If so, you may need to provide a Declaration of Commitment (Verpflichtungserklärung) to support their visa application. This important document serves as a financial guarantee to ensure that your guest will not become a burden on the German social welfare system during their stay. In this blog post, we will walk you through the key aspects of the Declaration of Commitment, including who can make it, the requirements, financial considerations, and the necessary documents.

Who Can Make a Declaration of Commitment?

A Declaration of Commitment can only be issued by individuals residing legally in Germany, and they must be willing to assume financial responsibility for the invited guest during their stay. Here are some key points to consider:

Residency Status: You must have a valid residence permit or be a German citizen to make a Declaration of Commitment.

Relationship: You can make this commitment for family members or friends who intend to visit you in Germany. However, the specific rules can vary depending on the visa type and your relationship with the visitor.

Requirements for Making a Declaration of Commitment:

To successfully make a Declaration of Commitment, you need to meet certain requirements:

Sufficient Financial Means: You must prove that you have sufficient financial means to support your guest. The exact amount required can vary, so it’s advisable to check with your local immigration authorities or consulate. This typically includes providing your bank statements or other financial evidence.

Accommodation: You need to provide proof that you have adequate accommodation for your guest during their stay.

Health Insurance: Ensure that your guest has proper health insurance coverage during their visit to Germany.

How Much Money Do I Need to Have?

The specific financial requirements for a Declaration of Commitment can vary depending on various factors, including the duration of the visitor’s stay and their individual needs. It’s crucial to contact your local immigration office or consulate to get precise information about the financial obligations associated with your specific case.

What Do You Commit to with a Declaration of Commitment?

When you make a Declaration of Commitment, you are legally committing to the following:

  • Financial Support: You will cover the visitor’s living costs, including accommodation, food, and health insurance, if necessary.
  • Financial Support: You will cover the visitor’s living costs, including accommodation, food, and health insurance, if necessary.

Required Documents for a Declaration of Commitment:

  • To apply for a Declaration of Commitment, you will typically need the following documents:
  • Proof of Identity: Your valid passport or identity card.
  • Proof of Residency: Your valid residence permit or proof of German citizenship.
  • Proof of Income/Financial Means: Bank statements, pay stubs, or other financial documents demonstrating your ability to support the visitor.

Accommodation Proof: A document confirming that you have suitable accommodation for the guest.

Health Insurance Confirmation: Proof that the visitor will have health insurance coverage during their stay.

In conclusion, the Declaration of Commitment is a vital document when inviting friends or family to visit you in Germany. By meeting the necessary requirements and providing the required documents, you can help ensure a smooth visa application process for your guests and guarantee their financial security during their stay in Germany.


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